The Reality of Black Magic


This is a poor understood phenomena in this new age, but is an ancient practice that dates since the beginning of times. Spiritual people is always seeking goodness and positivism in all they wish to achieve and that is a good attitude of mental awareness and conditioning of mind, but it is not wise to overlook that the same laws that may apply to create good things in life can be turn around and create misery and mischief in other people's lives.

I will use the term Black Magic as a general connotation that includes Witchcraft, Voodoo, Satanic Rituals, Santeria, Evil Shamanism, Sorcery, Black Tantra, Hoodoo, ceremonial black magic, etc. 

Before explaining the dark art of Black Magic it is important to know why people resort to the evil practice that is against God's law. When a lost soul or evil minded person desire to harm another out of hatred, jealousy, envy, desire of revenge or to control the life or destiny of others will many times resort to Black Magic to attain their objectives. 

What are some of the consequences of someone under the influence of Black Magic?

- Destroyed Love relationships of all types (Husband and wife, Brother and sister, mother and son, etc)

- Destroyed Vitality and Wellbeing to function in life. 

- Manifestation of several Psychological Disorders

- Negative thoughts and feelings that are not self generated but seem to be one's own. 

- New destructive behaviors and addictions

- Stagnated Business and Financial ruin

- Unexpected Accidents 

- Long streak of Bad Luck

- Lost of personal will and becoming a puppet for others

- Great depression that may end in thoughts suicide

- Illness or Ailments that can't be fully explain by medical doctors

- Death

All these may be consequences of black magic whether you believe in black magic or not. “Believe is not a requisite for black magic to become real” as it uses the universal laws that affects both the awake and the blind. If you are suffering for any of those symptoms and you suspect black magic, this is an emergency so please get a consultation with us as soon as possible. 


What is Black Magic?

Black Magic is the conscious use of mind, spirit and matter to program energy and vibration to create a negative manifestation in the mind, spirit and matter of another person. 

How can these programmed energies can affect another person?

Everything is energy and is a fact even confirm by science. Also energy is everywhere but most of all it is the canvas that interconnects us all. These connections are the ones that the black magician uses to “transmit” his spells or programmed energies and vibrations to others. 


What tools are used to create black magic?

There are many forms to program energies and vibrations or to cast an evil spell as is known in the trade, from the most simple to the most complex such as:

1- Using the mind with evil intentions and emotions to desire a negative outcome on another person. Depending how much emotion such as hate or envy is qualified in the intention will depend the results on the other person. This may qualify as what people commonly know as the evil eye. 

2- Same as number one but now the person touches the person or their personal objects with the same intentions so they can continuously transmit the black magic intentions wherever the person goes or lives. It is like a subliminal evil message in the form of qualified evil energy with a desire end. In short black magic. 

3- Same as number two but this time the person consciously starts to create evil affirmations and decrees in his/her mind against the victim and also to do personal rituals of all sort to focus their evil fascination on the person they want to harm. 

4- Same as number three but now the person looks for “professional” help. This can happen many ways such us a visit to a psychic reader with low moral standards to a full time black magician. These days there are many magazines and in the internet that publicly advertise all kind of black magic spells from binding a person, creating false love, attracting people, making impotent others, back luck, breaking marriages, placing curses and much more. The reality is that there are some black magicians that are truly train and can harm others and even kill someone with their practices.

Depending of the grade of ability and training of the black magician the greater the result of the black magic will manifest in the victim. There are some black magicians or evil witches that belong a long family lineage of black magicians and that have practice the art all their lives. Many of them belong to covens or satanic sects where they unite together with one single purpose to destroy one or many unaware victims. They charge great amounts of money that people are willing to pay to destroy their enemies and attain her ego driven desires. Most of the time if the victim don't find help from a white wizard, saint or truly enlighten being their lives change dramatically loosing love ones, business, becoming ill, etc, thinking that it was just bad luck or destiny as they can't find any rational explanation. The reality is that there is no rational explanation, but a metaphysical explanation for these events that only one who sees beyond the veil can see.


What can a victim of Black Magic do?

There are many options for the victim and depending on the decisions and help they get they will attain similar results. The reality is that a person without metaphysical skills and white magical training won't be able to truly be free from a heavy case of witchcraft or black magic. Furthermore there are different types of Black Magic from different cultures that work very different from one to another so only a true white wizard or holy men that knows all these can truly overcome the odds. 

- Those who are not spiritual attend to their friends, mentors, psychologist, psychiatrics, doctors trying to get rational explanations and solutions to their problems. Many times they get into despair when they see that their new plans of action are not working and one way or another their lives cannot get in balance and harmony. 

- Those who are religious will attend to their priest or spiritual figures to try to get a solution to their problems. If they find a truly good hearted being that can guide them to strength their faith towards God, they may find some relieve and peace and at times feel more protected. Jesus said: “I am not of this world” and he was referring that this material world is dominated by Satan who has control over the egos and desires of all of those who seek material pursuits and happiness. Even though the person may start trying to help himself or herself through prayer and other practices the reality is that the enemy is more prepare, has bigger numbers, and Satan is at their side manipulating people and events around the person. These struggles gets too great for many and leave their faith aside in sadness of not seeing changes in their lives.

- Those who are spiritual will practice affirmations, prayers, decrees, meditations, practicing rituals learned from books, attending seminars from popular gurus to get help, creative visualizations, positive thinking, reiki, healings, etc. This group is even more lost than the religious one because at least they are asking God and trying to strength their faith, while this group is only trying to create white magic of positive program energies in their lives to change what is happening to them. There is no match between a new ager that has a regular life, family, work, friends, problems, etc, and a fully dedicated black magician that live only to do that kind of work that actually is their well pay job. As soon as the black magician sees that the person is trying all these techniques and is being attack the black magician will become very excited with the prospect of battle and will bring all their big guns until the person is brought to their needs. For them these types of situations are challenges to prove themselves, bust their egos and show of their power.

- Those that see that the battle against a black magician is a lost cause will seek professional help and that is a very tricky part as to find a real being that can help them is not easy. Many times the fall pray of a black magician that promises to break the curses and black magic and at the end the black magician place spells on the victim so they continue to get help for them and pay for their services for a long time. Other times the same black magician will actually get excited to meet the challenge as they are not always friends among themselves who practices different kinds of black magic but knowingly or unknowingly under the same boss: Satan. This will make a greater mess of things because the attacker will intensify their attacks on the victim so the victim knows is not working and stop going to the black magician. If the black magician it self see himself or herself loosing he or she will nor risk it for the victim and all the chaos created will befall upon the victim at the end. 


There are some unscrupulous people that advertise that for $20 or $50 dollars they can take curses and black magic from a person and the reality is that if they where actually doing the job and facing the evil black magicians and their minions in confrontations that may last from days to weeks to free the victim's soul from their claws they will soon see that their time and efforts are not being compensated for the great amount of work. Lets see this example:

A witch is paid handsomely to destroy the marriage of a couple so another can have her husband. Once payment is made a contract is created at inner levels and the sorcerer will start working on the spell. I will not go over the atrocities they commit to make these spells that involve killing animals, blood, alcohol, pictures, hair, nails, personal objects of the victim, urine, long trance rituals, conjuration of demons, succubus and incubus, vampires, evil souls, ghouls and much more depending of the lineage. All of those elements create an immense programmed evil energy that a single untrained person cannot even imagine. It is like comparing the example number one in the topic “what is black magic?” above being a kid's party balloon to what I just explain here being the biggest hot air balloon. Once all that black magic is release against the unsuspected victim it will created severe repercussions in the victims life even of those non-believers who are the easiest victims because they will never seek help for what they don't believe.

If this same black witch feels that the person is seeking help the witch will not only reinforce the black magic but will send her evil minions (demons most of the time) to attack the person to be around them and influence their minds and emotions and also to attack any one that dares to help them.

If the witch finds out that the person hired another witch to help them the war will begin as explain before. If the battle is to great the witch will consult with her coven and get more witches involve, or the black magician will call upon their sect to make another satanic ritual and sacrifice. Their strength in numbers will decide the outcome and who wins, but being a selfish being the one helping the victim will never put themselves in danger and give up soon enough. After all they just care about the money.


Behind the scenes the same master who is Satan laughs at all this as he gains from the confrontation because suffering, destruction, hate, anger and more just feeds him and make him stronger and he only care for himself no one else.

Great evil black magicians not only have support of covens and their own apprentices that can summon up hundreds or more of them, but their past evil family lineage, and all the contracts made with Satan that give them magical power, troops of demons and other minions. 

What is a true solution for a case of Black Magic deeply affecting your life?


First and above all God is the highest solution as against God who can prevail? Someone that truly want to help you will have to have God at his side, because it does not matter how many years of white magical training or spiritual training may have if the person is not one with God in mind and heart and being, then the fallen one cannot be brought to defeat and the black magic will prevail.

When facing black magic we are facing all that has been explain above, and it is a great cause to free someone's life from evil and suffering. In hard cases there are three components to be face: 

1- The person who originated the black magic

2- The person doing the black magic

3- The source of the black magic

The first one is the one who wants to harm you and pays for the services of a black magician. The second one is the actual black magician and assistants that create the ritual of black magic an unleash it. The third one is the demons, disincarnated witches and sometimes Satan himself.

To be able to do this a person has to be “fully truly clairvoyant” to be able to see these three components and neutralized them. If one of the components is not fully dealt with the black magic will continue as the number one can do it again, or the evil number two will assign the case to some else o the number three with just continue to destroy the life of the person just for pleasure and gratification from the suffering and evil. 

God himself is the revealer to us of all this components and God himself has given us the tools to neutralize all of the three components. That is why we are truly successful when other have failed or lost We Cyndarion Ainiu and Galitica Maitreya as messengers from God for these New Age, have this mission among other missions such as Healing, Teaching, Awaken People to the reality of God, etc. that God has appointed to us in this life and is to truly free and help others that are suffering from Black Magic that have existed for centuries bringing ruin and despair in this world. This is a task that I accepted and perform with all my heart and will under God. 

If you feel you need help because you feel or know that are a victim to Black Magic in any form or degree of strength, please contact us and we will see if we are authorized to help you.

God Bless us all, 

Cyndarion and Galitica